Sunday, 11 May 2008

11.05.08: Scrambled eggs and salad

Just a little sumpin' sumpin' for Sunday: scrambled eggs and spinach salad with fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, and a big ball o' mozzarella. He augmented his plate with a Marmitey bagel.

SHE SAYS: Just what I needed: quick, easy and filling, but not too filling. The herbs and oil clinging to the sundried tomatoes added a subtle pizza-like flavour to the salad, which was quite welcome. The only thing I would have added was another egg or two - scrambled eggs are v. moreish!

HE SAYS: After a boozy picnic lunch, this meal hit the spot - breakfast comfort food. Salad was perked up with SDT and mozzarella, which tasted better then the posh "taste the difference" Tesco variety we tried last time.

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