Tuesday, 6 May 2008

06.05.08: Lambchops, potatoes, and green bnz

Hang on kids, we're going rustic: Nigel's lambchops panfried in mint, lemon zest and olive oil, featuring potatoes crushed with the pan's wine reduction, plus green bnz peppered with chopped bits of Her preserved lemon. Meanwhile, a salad of spinach, creamy blue cheese, Sweetfire beetroot and a tiny little baby avocado upped the taste stakes.

HE SAYS: French bistro style menu. Lamb was tender, beans crunchy and cooked with the salty/bitter preserved lemons and the potatoes were light and fluffy. All smothered by a lovely fruity and tangy gravy.
Voila! Terrific, oh and the salad did not disappoint either, what with creamy blue cheese bits, who's ya mumma?

SHE SAYS: Not bad...I was hoping for a deeper brown gravy, but it just didn't materialise. I threw in red wine instead of the lemon juice for deglazing at the end, but I think that was fortuitous. The flavour was interesting, and the pan juices did their job of yummifying the naked potatoes, but I still was a little disappointed. My green bean inspiration proved a winner, and the salad had me picking away at the bowl for all the good bits. Beetroot and blue cheese are classic partners, after all...

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