Sunday, 25 May 2008

23.05.08: Chicken drumsticks and Tortilla

After a busy week, a visit to Waitrose proved fruitful in the Friday night dinner sweepstakes. Hurried home to warm up were some roast chicken smoked paprika drumsticks and Chorizo, Potato & Sweet Pepper Tortilla from their new Delicatezze range. Figs conveniently on sale plus lime-infused beetroot brightened up a salad of mixed leaves and the remaining Apetina.

SHE SAYS: This meal was a good example of convenience food really letting you down. Those chicken legs were just gross, with a very unpleasant smoke flavour - and our regular readers (all two of you) will know I'm a big fan of smoke flavouring done right. This one done me wrong. The tortilla was not bad, a bit like pizza without the crust and ok for the price. The salad was refreshing and yummy, at least, esp with the fig slices adding soft sweetness.

HE SAYS: I think I enjoyed the chicken more then Her as I thought the smoky taste was not bad, but not fantastic either. The Waitrose Tortilla thingy was a little bland (even though it it was topped with the how-can-you-not-like-it chorizo) and needed some hot sauce to raise the taste stakes. Over all, a pretty forgettable Friday nite dinner apart from the sweet-sweet fire beetroot in the salad and the little washing up it created, which made me a very happy bunny.

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