Wednesday, 14 May 2008

14.05.08: Frittata and callaloo

Officially, Nigella calls it a Spanish omelette, but She prefers to call it by its fancy danicin' name: frittata. This one packed in potatoes, eggs, manchego cheese, roasted red peppers and green onions. She also boiled up a couple of cans of callaloo, plain as you please, and freshened up last nite's salad with some tomatoes, grapes and more leaves.

HE SAYS: Nice nosh tonite, frittata was light, fluffy and flavourful. Manchego cheese added a delicate taste sensation to the overall dish and the the peppers created a sweet note. Adding more potatoes than the official recipe called for could've turned the omelette into a brick but She was on the money with the deviation. I found the callaloo easy on the tasebuds and with a splash or two of Chipotle Tabasco, more-ish. The mix of beetroot and grapes in the salad was a new combo but I whole-heartily approve and give my blessing to the couple.

SHE SAYS: The frittata needed to be thick, and I was worried our lovely Le Creuset pan was too wide, so I made an executive decision and pulled from the depths of a cabinet our smallish cast iron skillet. I'm so glad I did! The texture of the frittata was perfect, and the flavour much more complex and satisfying than I expected (I only chose this b/c it looked quick and easy). I used twice as many potatoes, and would have put in another egg if we had one, but it was all v. yummy, anyway. Note to self: bottled roasted peppers were cheaper than fresh and really not bad, though you have to be ok with the slight vinegar taste that lingers. Callaloo is not as nice on its own as its close cousin spinach is, but I'll continue to throw it into other dishes as a spinach subs. Salad - enh, it did its enzymatic duty and that's all I have to say about that.

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