Wednesday, 16 April 2008

16.04.08: Lemon chicken

Ladies and gentlemen, He brings you....lemon chicken nite! With special guest star, Zea's salad: sultanas subtracted, but radishes and grapes added.

HE SAYS: Since this is such a regular item on our menu it give me the opportunity to experiment slightly with liquid/juice ratio compared to the written-in-stone recipe. It asks for two lemons, one for juicing and one for chopping and laying. I have found that you need two for laying under the chicken and 2 for creating the marinade. Tonite's version was pretty spot on, not too dry and not swimming in juice. The chicken had a crunchy skin and the potatoes were on the verge of being burnt (but not) just the way I like 'em. The green beans were the same, delishimo. I likey the almost fruit salad too, on the same plate as the chix, thus stealing some o' the lemon sauciness.

SHE SAYS: The lemons were jammy, the chicken was tender, the green beans were virtuous veg al dente...even with my nose all stuffed up I could tell this was a good one. The salad was sweet and spicy with plenty of crunch from the remaining pecans and radishes. Mm-mm good.

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