Thursday, 17 April 2008

17.04.08: Quorn parmesan and salad

She managed to roast some peppers and saute some onions and aubergine, smother it all in the sauce, and quickly fry up the quorn lemon pepper cutlets, then refresh last nite's salad with more rocket, pear and some cucumber. She also boiled up a little spelt penne pasta for the Hungry Man.

SHE SAYS: Not bad, perfectly decent filler, and didn't take too much out of me...still feeling poorly.

HE SAYS: The veggie version of veal Parmesan, I likey a lot. The sauce was a little sweeter then usual but still tangy and delish. The pasta added a little bit more bulk to the proceedings and gave the sauce another reason to exist - performing splendid mopping up duties, maybe a crusty French loaf could perform similar wonders next time. The salad from last night was improved upon by the inclusion of the cucumber (which has been quite a rare sight on our nightly salad plates of late), I think it got along famously with all its friends from the fruit bowl.

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