Tuesday, 8 April 2008

08.04.08: Mustard chops, spinach and mash

She's keeping it simple: lamb chops marinated in mustard, olive oil, garlic and lemon a la Nigel Slater's Food Diaries; charlotte potatoes mashed with milk and marge, finished with slices of dark soy-basted portobello mushrooms (grilled a couple of nites ago 'just because'), and spinach shallow-boiled with a touch of nutmeg. The salad is the decadent bit tonite, with grapes, avo, and feta peeking thru the mixed rocket leaves.

HE SAYS: Definitely a Hungry-Man meal. Enjoyed the mustardy chops immensely, and the nutmeg in the spinach was a dee-licious surprise. Salad was elevated to greater tasty heights with the inclusion of the not-so-goaty feta and sweet, sweet grapes. Thumbs up all 'round!

SHE SAYS: 'Proper food' was the phrase that came to mind when I surveyed my plate this evening. Chops had just enough tangy singedness to the edges and were nice and pink inside - suppose the larger chops could have done with another couple minutes on each side, but it's better than being too tough. Spinach was light and suprisingly filling, needing nothing more than its nutmeg wink to satisfy. The hearty mash found a very decent partner in the mushroom slices, which had a nice gravy effect.

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