Thursday, 24 April 2008

24.04.08: Pesto pasta with prawns and mushrooms

A random combination: She whizzed up some pesto from lots of basil and sundried tomatoes; sauteed fresh green garlic, portobello and chestnut mushrooms, rocket and two kinds of M&S prawns; and combined it all with some trofie pasta dug out of the cupboard. Boiled chantenay carrots modestly filled out the plate, while the salad He threw together from the remains of all the week's salad fixings looked on.

HE SAYS: Luv the pesto pasta, luv you long time. The trofie may have been a little south of aldenté but it didn't spoil the luxuriously fragrant and tasty ho-made pesto, and what with the sweet sundried tomatoes, what's not to like? Enjoyed the mushroom selectsheeun cooked with dark soy sauce - a hint from Helois, they taste better for it, any dish, any time. Carrots acted as a fresh and uncomplicated companion to the rest of the the plate, no thrills or bells and whistles, just good plain carrots goddamn it. Salad was a veritable mix of all things vegetable (no fruit action tonite)
but the fancy olive oil she picked up on sale put it in another league, uh-huh.

SHE SAYS: I rather overcooked the pasta - it's tricky to get right - but the sharp, fresh pesto flavours rescued it somewhat from being a complete bland state of mush. The mushroo-prawn mix was v. tasty, and who knew fresh garlic was so tender and almost milky? V. nice, indeed. The carrots made surprisingly easy eatin' and did not languish on the plate til the end as I feared they might. Salad did its job of refreshing and filling.

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