Sunday, 20 April 2008

19.04.08: Out to Wagamama

Capping off a Saturday outing to the centre of town, we popped into Wagamama to take advantage of - what else? - a timely two-fer coupon. She plumped for the ebi kare lomen; He chose the chicken kare lomen plus a side of miso soup; and we split an order of steamed-n-grilled gyoza with soy-vingear dipping sauce just because we could. (Check out the link for full description of the dishes, but beware, it will make you veddy hungry!)

SHE SAYS: For once, I wasn't envying his bowl at Wagamama b/c I ordered practically the same thing - the only difference is that mine came with prawns instead of chicken. The sauce was hot-hot-hot with spice, which was just what I wanted, and it seems Wagamama has upped its prawn quotient per bowl - I remember when you only got three, and this time I had six meaty grilled and butterflied black tiger prawns - yum! The sauce was a pleasing mix of creamy and grainy, with the plentiful ramen noodles acting as an excellent sauce conveyor. The gyoza were suitably tender and tasty, but likewise mainly act as sauce transport...we ended up pouring the remainder into our bowls!

HE SAYS: What she said, but with chicken.

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