Wednesday, 2 April 2008

1.04.08: Red prawn and mango curry

She delivered the weekly red prawn and mango curry favourite and current Tuesday nite staple to our bowls with a tomato and spinach salad pepped up with a special guest: mini mozzarella balls (applause).

SHE SAYS: You gotta love this deep bowl of rib-stickin' curry - it's just so reliably yummy, easy, fragrant, and wholesome. As He says below, there are virtually no improvements to make to the recipe, but before I
added the broth made from the new, jellyish M&S bullion, I took a sip of it and said, 'Wow, it tastes like chicken!' (Ahem.) Seriously, it's worth the extra dosh for this stuff. Like Him, I was also rather perked up by the addition of mozzarella 'pearls' to the salad, though I agree they were less than flavoursome (a fault of that Healthy Eating range, methinks).

HE SAYS: We like consistency, can you tell? Even though this dish is almost perfect, tonight's version seemed to be intensified by the inclusion of the new M&S chix broth and letting it simmer for a little longer in our new pot. The shrimp were added last, thus keeping 'em from overcooking and the mango was added earlier then usual, making it softer then previous go-rounds. I liked the mozzarella balls for their convenience factor but the actual flavour was a little underwhelming. Still a welcome addition to the salad, esp. when drizzled with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, baby!

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