Sunday, 27 April 2008

27.04.08: Out to Wagamama's

Feeling a little deja-vu? That's b/c we had another coupon, and today was the last day to use it. Truth is, we ordered exactly the same entrees as last time - ebi kare lomen for Her, chicken kare lomen for Him - in the interests of fair comparison between two Waga-locales: Soho and Richmond, respectively. Plus this time instead of sharing the delectable gyoza, we opted for the yasai natsubi salad with the signature Wagamama dressing.

SHE SAYS: We both noticed right away that our entrees seemed much more soupy than last time, and not quite the right colour - too red. It was still good 'n' spicy, but lacked that creamy-grainy sensation that made a simple noodle dish seem luxurious, and the flavour was not as intense. We figure they were skimping on both coconut milk and time for reduction of the sauce. The salad was delish, the dressing bursting with oohmami, but hey! where were the crispy shallot bits they promise? Again, the omission was not key, but it certainly subtracted that sense of something special.

HE SAYS: Agree with her that the entre├ęs were not as good as last week. I presented the coupon as we ordered and maybe that led to their sloppy presentation...conspiracy theories anyone? Still, if we had not had the same but better last week I would still reckon this meal was proper nice nosh nonetheless.

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