Monday, 14 April 2008

13.04.08: Spinach omelet, curry, salad and harissa

A bit of this, a bit of that...a Sunday out and about called for an easy supper, so She cooked up the ever-reliable spinach omelet, slipping in the last slice of jarlsberg; heated up the remains of Friday nite's curry feast; roasted up some balsamic tomatoes in a pan; tossed together some salad leaves, cucumber and sweetfire beetroot; then spooned on a dollop of new ho-made harissa.

SHE SAYS: The new pan makes such a difference; my omelet stayed a spinach-hugging envelope rather than falling to bits, and it toasted up ever so evenly. The new batch of harissa is a bit too salty, but still adds a high yum factor. The curry only improves with a day or two in the fridge, and the salad...ah, the salad: it delivered its cucumber cool and sweetfire spice with a deft one-two punch.

HE SAYS: Although the pic is a little wobbly this meal was solid. A little jarlsberg never fails to add a little class, and the curry's spices developed nicely overnight. The sharp, sweet balsamic tomatoes were a nice pairing with the savoury omelet, my only gripe was that they lacked a little texture from cooking down a bit too long. Harissa we missed ya, oh and the the salad was tasty too.

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jj said...

Looks wonderful - -and healthy, too! Great job!