Tuesday, 1 April 2008

31.03.08: Grilled salmon with pan fried potatoes and okra balti

She cooked up a handsome plate of grilled salmon loin with Khoisan seaweed salt seasoning paired with her version of an Indian okra balti and pan fried Charlotte potatoes. The leftover spinach and beetroot salad from yesterday rounded things off.

HE SAYS: Salmon was grilled perfectly, not too dry. The okra
tasted delish, fresh and citrusy with a little gooey consistency which is how it should be instead of like glue which is how it is if you overcook it. Enjoyed the 'tators very much, nice to have a short break from our love of all things, rice.

SHE SAYS: The perfect Indian okra dish continues to elude me - despite fresh ginger and heaping spoons of garam masala, it still didn't tingle my tastebuds to quite the degree I imagined it could, though lemon spritzes did help. And at least I was able to buy a large quantity of okra cheaply enough (from veg stall down the road) to make it the main veggie feature instead of giving it a mere supporting role. Salmon was fresh enough to be quite tasty with just the sprinkle of Khosian seasoning and a touch of olive oil, and potatoes were not bad atall, though they were a tad soggy because I piled too many in our lovely new pan.

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