Sunday, 30 March 2008

30.03.08: Pork vindaloo

Our favourite sacrilegious curry for Sunday: He lovingly basted and stirred up the pork vindaloo from the latest Waitrose freebie mag. Spinach, sweetfire beetroot, and avo salad put in its cool two cents' worth of nourishment on the side.

SHE SAYS: All praise that Bombay Authentics Vindaloo Luxury Curry Sauce! I don't care if it is a slight cheat, it's deeply tasty, and almost as hot as it promises to be. The rice was oh-so-nice, with plenty of cinammon lilt to offset the heavy (yet heavenly) curry vibe.

HE SAYS: Although I used loin of pork instead of pork fillet, it still turned out pretty good. The meat was a little drier than last time, but I reserved some of the sauce to pour over at the end, which made it a little saucier than the last go-round. I did enjoy the spicy kick.

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