Saturday, 22 March 2008

21.03:08: Out to Won Kei

It's hard not to go to Won Kei after a long afternoon in the West End. And it would be hard to consider any other Chinese restaurant in the area, despite the many options available. Fun fact: He tried to commandeer a small empty table, only to be shooed over to a big round one where two people were already digging into some noodles. She had a chuckle - no one can breach the immutable laws of Won Kei: You will eat elbow-to-elbow, or else! And you will drink jasmine tea from a tin pot, and you will like it!

Our own immutable laws of Won Kei include: You will order the choi sum. You will spoon fiery chili flakes in oil over selected parts of the plate throughout the meal. And you will, of course, share.

HE SAYS: Having ordered Singapore Fried Noodles probably for the last hundred times I've eaten here I thought it was about time to explore other options on the menu. The cold duck and pork over hot rice hit the spot but I think secretly we both wish we had a plate of the delicious lemon chicken each to ourselves to devour, m-m-mmmm.

SHE SAYS: Be it ever so humble, Won Kei feels like home. I feel all the strain of the bags I'm inevitably carrying fall away the minute I sit down. The choi sum was as perfect as ever - mildy bitter, and subtly flavoured with the grated, steamed ginger.
I plumped for the lemon chicken, which is the best I've ever had anywhere - suitably artificial, but not too sweet, and the breadcrumbed chicken slices were crispy and tender.

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