Monday, 24 March 2008

24.03.08: Lemon sole, Indian ratatouille, and chickpea rice

She topped pan-fried lemon sole with sauteed shiitakes; rustled up a stew of okra, aubergine and peppers in an improvised garam masala tomato sauce; heated up leftover chickpeas and rice; and refreshed last nite's salad with radishes and leftover sweet chili dressing.

SHE SAYS: A tad bit healthier than last nite. The sole was very fresh, but it was a pretty limp frying attempt, with any semblance of crust peeling off in the pan despite generous application of peanut oil. We think our big Tefal nonstick pan has had its day; everything is starting to stick in the centre of it. My Indian ratatouille, as He named it, was quite good - next time I'll remember to buy fresh ginger. It was esp nice to have some okra, and I would have used only okra for this dish if I could buy it in affordable quantity. Chickpeas from Wednesday were holding steady!

HE SAYS: Lemon sole had a very nice, delicate flavour, and was complemented by the rich ratatouille. It's been a long time since I had any okra, and I enjoyed not only the taste, but the unique gooey texture. Nice to have some radishes in the salad, and the chickpeas were great even after a few days in the fridge.

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