Tuesday, 18 March 2008

17. 03. 08: Grilled swordfish and roasted pepper pasta

She conjured up this tasty meal of swordfish grilled with lemon salt and rosemary, coupled with spelt penna pasta in an improvised tomato, grilled peppers, and haricot beans sauce, plus a mixed-leaf avocado salad to finish.

HE SAYS: It's been a while since we ate swordfish. I enjoy the subtle taste with its nice and meaty consistency especially in combination with the delicious pasta sauce. Certainly makes a great breather from salmon steaks which are a little similar.

SHE SAYS: It's the fish that tastes like chicken! The lemon salt gave it a nice tang, but swordfish is so easy to overcook - I'm thinking it might benefit from poaching next time. Piling three home-roasted peppers into the sauce made it more-ish, and the beans made it hearty - I'll definitely try it again, maybe with some aubergine in the mix.

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