Friday, 14 March 2008

13.03.08: Magic lentils and salad

A meal we love to take for granted: the coconut dal stirred into spinach and brown rice, paired with salad, avo and cherry tomatoes (all left from last nite's salad supplies).

SHE SAYS: Amazing the difference the proper curry powder can make. This dish def. requires mild, or korma, curry powder
, which is a lighter, brighter yellow than other kinds. It just really pulls all the subtle flavours together. Always leaves me wanting more.

HE SAYS: This was a really nice batch of lentils, no overpowering, musty curry powder overload and a really nice creamy consistency. Have I mentioned I love coconut milk? It bears repeating, if so. Salad was not fancy but still enjoyable with the just-ripe avos that tasted like buttah.

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