Friday, 14 March 2008

14.03.08: Omelettes and bagels and salad, oh my

Convenience food in your own home: we each made an omelette at different times to fuel up a Friday nite that took us in different directions.

HE SAYS: A quickie but a goodie. A smoked salmon omelette with some fresh spinach on top of bagel turned out
pretty satisfing. I used most of the rest of the single cream from Thursday to make my omlette that bit more decadent but didn't notice any significant difference from leaving it out. Waitrose plain bagels are indeed far superior to any other British supermarket's offerings, I think.

SHE SAYS: I'm no good at flipping omelettes these days, but I like to think my simple spinach omlelette resembles an elegant rag pile - the ropa vieja of eggs, if you will. I'm almost convinced spinach omelettes are tastier without cheese - you get the full flavour and texture of the spinach while enjoying the fluffy comfort of the egg all the more (I had a similar revelation the last time, too). Now, my improvised salad is another story: its deep yet delicate flavours must give full credit to the nutty manchego cheese that harmonised with this sweet membrillo dressing, though the toasted pine nuts and avo certainly did their bit to make me go mmmm.

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