Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19.03.08: Chickpeas with sherry, rocket and egg

Protein galore: Nigella's chickpeas with sherry take the suggested option of an egg on top and get the North African treatment with a swirl of Her ho-made harissa, while salad with avo and granny smith apple does its bit to tart things up. (He also put some leftover spiced rice from Sunday into the mix for his portion.)

HE SAYS: A light and healthy meal with uncomplicated flavours was what I was craving, and that's what I got. I'm enjoying the new addition of the boiled egg, though soft-boiled would have been better. It's hard to resist splashing on some Crystal to give it some pep. The salad was also a hit and I added some balsamic vinegar, which intensified the zing of the apple.

SHE SAYS: A little disappointed in my hard-berled egg - last time, the egg demonstrated the perfect ratio of firm to gooey. Never mind, the fragrant cumin seeds and velvety chickpeas more than made up for it, and it all nicely filled in the corners even without rice. Can't get enough of the granny smiths
at the mo'; I suspect they have a couple more appearances to make this very week.

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