Tuesday, 18 March 2008

16.03.08: Pork vindaloo w/ fragrant rice

A quick flick thru the latest Waitrose Seasons freebie mag produced this easy-peasy gem: baked fillet of pork with store bought curry sauce and brown basmati rice with cinnamon, onion, curry leaves and black onion seeds. She rounded this off with a simple salad of mixed leaves and balsamic beetroot to boot.

SHE SAYS: This has to be the most blasphemous curry ever: pork? in an Indian curry? But it was so delicious, I can't bring myself to care. The bottled sauce was surprisingly complex, and hot hot hot - again, not complaining. The spiced rice alone would be a pleasure in any meal. A fine segue into Sunday evening, and not too demanding.

HE SAYS: Well it can't be too authentic! Indian and pork are two words you don't often see in the same sentence let alone bowl but still this one worked a treat for me. The sauce is a good cheat in a hurry: not too sweet like many ready-made sauces and just the right heat. The rice was indeed fragrant and tasty, making a nice coupling with the sauce. The pork fillet was cooked perfectly and is a much leaner alternative to other more common cuts. I didn't enjoy the balsamic beetroot in the salad as much as the sweetfire variety, but small complaint to an otherwise great meal.

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