Tuesday, 4 March 2008

04.03.08: Lemon chicken and mozzarella salad

He prepared it, She watched the oven...it's the Hungry Man dinner with a citrus kick: our fave lemon chicken returns. And it's not alone.

Special guest star Caprese salad puts in an appearance (His idea, Her execution).

HE SAYS: Mmm-mm good! Just like my momma didn't make. This chicken dish is in heavy rotation at the mo', more out of pleasure than habit. There was less juice in the pan, which helped the chicken and the potatoes crisp up nicely. The salad also hit the spot - who doesn't like fresh mozzarella? Spotted the lowfat version in the store, but mozzarella is already a lesser offender in the fat dept. than most cheeses, so why sacrifice flava-flav?

SHE SAYS: I always looove lemon chicken nite. Completely agree about the fresh mozzarella, and I would add that even the cheapo store-brand is delishy over here. Only prob is tomatoes can be watery this far out of season, but t
he salad was still v. refreshing and made a nice change from our usual combos.

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Katerina said...

Beautiful picture! I love a good caprese salad.