Thursday, 27 March 2008

27.03.08: Black bnz

It's another easy favourite for a busy week: Her black beans and brown rice plus ho-made salsa, with a simple salad of spinach and pear.

HE SAYS: I love dem beans! I don't tire of them. Thought this batch had the right spice and heat mixed with the creamy avo and citrusy salsa. It was a delight, but I was really hongry, hombre, which may have influenced my taste buds. The salad with the ripe pears, splashed with a little balsamic vinegar, just added to the flava-flav. I was in heaven!

SHE SAYS: Not bad, but not brilliant. I'm not sure what's missing...also we put two bell peppers in this time, and I think only one, if any at all, is the limit. Filling and relatively easy to throw together when it's getting late. Note to self: green onions in the salsa work a treat.

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