Sunday, 23 March 2008

22.03.08: Pancake breakfast for dinner

Seduced by the sudden appearance of Bisquick in Waitrose, He mixed up some pancakes with crushed pecans, adding some thinly sliced banana along the way and drizzling the stacks with maple syrup. Chipolatas provided one savoury counterpoint, while tomatoes-on-the-vine got the balsamic vinegar treatment and mingled with some leftover chickpeas to second that savoury motion.

SHE SAYS: I suspect the directions for 'American-style pancakes' were developed for crepes, even though the box offered separate directions for those. The batter was way too thin, and although adding more mix improved it, the pancakes just didn't fluff up - they remained dense and doughy. Shame, b/c the buttery banana pecan flavour was excellent. The chipolatas were excellent as usual, and the chickpea combo was a delightful discovery; the dark rich taste of the balsamic tomatoes set off the bright cumin seed and sherry flavours in a very moreish manner!

HE SAYS: Agree with Her about the dense pancakes, must find better from-scratch recipe before attempting again. Sausages were nice if a little dry from keeping them warm in the oven but were brought back to life with lashings of maple syrup. The chickpea/tomato portion of the programme was inspired and sure to return to our plates in the near future.

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