Wednesday, 5 March 2008

05.03.08: Black bnz and beet-apple salad

He made the black bnz tonite, and, along with the usual add-ons of homemade salsa and avo, a treat dollop of creme fraiche left from Saturday nite took top honours. A crunchy salad of spinach, sweetfire beetroot, radish apple rounded out the evening.

SHE SAYS: Beans were nicely flavoured, if a bit spicier than usual, and v. satisfying. Rice needed a little more cooking time. Adding the apple to the salad was an inspired touch, but I thought the different, fancy brand of beetroot we bought was not as good as the bog-standard one.

HE SAYS: Beans were pretty good, though a little too hot in my opinion, but the creme fraiche definitely helped cool them down a bit. I agree the rice was a little undercooked. Salad was simple, but the apple made it more tangy and interesting than usual.

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