Monday, 24 March 2008

23.03.08: Pork roast with colourful veg and sweet-chili dressed salad

Something special for Easter: His decadent apricot-and-sausage-stuffed pork with red wine reduction gravy; Thursday's leftover carrots roasted in the pan; virtuous steamed choi sum with ginger; and 2nd-to-last batch of the red cabbage.

As if that weren't enough, He was inspired by Her recent food sleuthing to recreate the mmm-worthy salad dressing from Itsu: She figured it would work with fish sauce, pepper jelly, and mirin - and if She's wrong, we don't wanna be right,

HE SAYS: An easy and delicious set-it-and-forget-it special. With the carrots already pre-cooked, the red cabbage defrosted and ready to go and a generous glug or two of red wine added to the gravy it turned out to be a nice lazy Sunday night dinner with a boozy twist. Yum! Agree with Her, it's Meal o' the Year.

SHE SAYS: I'm going to stake my claim right now: this is Meal o' The Year. I know, it's only March, so this declaration can be a little demotivating, but honestly, this one had it all: fresh, sweet, intensely savoury and tender, mildly bitter and light, deeply sweet-roasted, tangy, meltingly tender, crackling crunchy, crispy and tart...what more could you want? I lingered over the fall-apart pork with its heavenly gravy as long as was decently possible, and made sure to polish off all of it before attempting the
rest of the plate. V. pleased He mixed up the sweet chili dressing - it reminds me of the nuoc mam sauce from Pho Tau Bay's vermicelli salads.


Miss Information said...

WOW, sounds excellent! Great holiday meal!!! thaks for the link to Itsu...what a cool looking place!

N+D said...

Thanks, doll! Yeh, Itsu is sort of a sushi cafe - not high on atmosphere, but not pricey and v. good in quality. I wish we had one closer to us!

If you ever come here D would have to make you the roast's totally guest-worthy!