Sunday, 30 March 2008

29.03.08: A vegan wedding feast

He managed to discreetly snap a pic of the plate of fare at the vegan wedding reception honouring a good friend and her equally lovely spousal unit: spiced rice, crispy veg patty, a slice of spanakopita, veggie tagine, salad and roast Chantenay carrots. (Not pictured: the starter salad, also with special veg patty, but different.)

HE SAYS: I enjoyed the meal as much as the wedding. Just cuz it's vegan don't mean it ain't tasty! The tagine had a great, smoky roast vegetable flavour, and the veg patty was crispy on the outside, herby and tender inside.

SHE SAYS: I think I did more drinking than eating for once, but I did good justice to my plate, too. The tagine had a rich, sweet flavour, and I savoured both the spanakopita and the veg patty. The carrots had a subtle spice to them that made me peek hopefully back at the table for seconds, but alas, it was time for speeches and champagne.

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