Tuesday, 11 March 2008

10.03.08: Out to Eckstein

You can't see it, but the name Eckstein is etched at the top of some of the main windows of this pleasant caff that was catty-corner to our hostel. Our waiter patiently translated every item on the evening menu, saving us the vertiginous task of glancing from menu to guidebook (and repeat).

HE SAYS: German comfort food, perhaps? Very tasty pork in sherry sauce with zucchini plus Hollandaise sauce and very German and yummy krünter-spätzle and salad. Apart from the delish pork the krünter-spätzle with it's not-quite-pasta, not-quite-noodle qualities stole the show.

SHE SAYS: My gebackenes aubergineschnitzel auf ratatouille mit feta and bulghur dazu salat really couldn't go far wrong - who doesn't like a giant piece of meaty aubergine fried up crisp and light - or two? The so-called ratatouille was more like a puddle of veggie soup, though, and the feta was oddly smooth and creamy...I suspect a substitution. The bulgher salad was wholesome and blameless. Altogether a decent goodbye meal, if not a great one. Overall, I think Berlin is better for drinking than eating, but given more time I'm sure we would find more to love.

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Miss Information said...

Oh, I am jealous I left before I could share this meal with you! I hear your comment about Berlin's dining scene, but I think we could've been better researched. Just wandering into a never-recommended restaurant when one gets famished (as we did with Mas y Mas 10.03) is a risky crapshoot!
When I come to London I will get full benefits of your research!