Wednesday, 12 March 2008

11.03.08: Thai green curry with chicken

Haven't had this in a long while, ever since we discovered Nigella's red prawn and mango curry, but our first night back called for comfort matched with simplicity: Her improvised green Thai curry with aubergine, tricolour peppers, lemongrass, straw mushrooms and poached chicken, served over brown rice and finished with a simple salad of avo, lime-infused beetroot, and mixed leaves.

SHE SAYS: This is an usually an easy one to throw together, but the chicken, from Waitrose, of all places, was off two days before its date! I was hopping mad. He managed to get our money back, plus a new pack of chicken, but with the nite slipping away, I had to quickly boil the chicken rather than poach it, so it was toughish rather than tender as it would have been. Still, the spicy, hearty mix of veg and grain and protein did me good. This was the first outing for our green curry paste, and I can highly recommend it.

HE SAYS: Did really fancy this after getting home, very tasty and filling. The green curry is less sweet then red but perhaps with more complex flavors. The added lemon grass gave it the proper Thai taste and I love the way the aubergine sort of melts to add a thickener to the soup. The giant straw mushrooms are always fun to eat, gripping them between ya teeth and popping them like a balloon. I thinks this may be on a heavier rotation now we have rediscovered it.

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