Tuesday, 15 April 2008

14.04.08: Salmon, asparagus and the last red cabbage

She made a pretty plate: salmon poached and then broiled with rosemary, thyme and dill; boiled asparagus; and the very last of the big batch of red cabbage from the freezer. Pear, grape and blue cheese salad bore witness to the scene.

HE SAYS: Firstly, a minute's silence for the last of the red cabbage...it seems like only yesterday I was chopping like a madman, 3 cabbages and a load of granny smith apples, boiling and reducing for what seemed like days, stinking up the place in the process. Well worth it I believe, I think it yielded 12 portions which have intensified in flavour over time in the freezer and given us a quick and easy side dish to a variety of meals in a pinch. The salmon from our local fishmongers was nicely poached with herby flavours, didn't mind making room for the extra piece from Her plate either. The asparagus was nice and al denté, not grey and boiled to death like my childhood experiences of same veg. Salad, oh salad, how we like the way you keep suprising us with your persistant tastiness, oh yeah.

SHE SAYS: It was one of those very rare nites when I was off my food (turned out I was on the verge of my usual change-of-weather lurgy). Though the salmon was perfectly fine, fairly flaky and fresh-flavoured, I gave most of it to Him, picked at my blameless asparagus, and dutifully spooned up my portion of tangy red cabbage. I made better progress on the salad, as the pungent blue cheese proved irresistible in partnership with the sweet, fresh fruits.

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