Thursday, 26 June 2008

26.06.08: Black bnz

Herb heaven: nothing like the coriander- and cumin-packed black bnz spooned over brown basmati and wild rice, topped with avo and (this time) a dollop of creme fraiche. Salad of chopped lemon-and-garlic marinated olives, Apetina, whole radishes, Jersey jewel tomatoes and watercress appears to be yearning to jump into the bean bowl to mix up the ultimate taste extravaganza.

HE SAYS: Though the beanz were up to their usual great standard I thought the créme fraiche detracted from the intense flava and I quickly regretted the generous helping I spooned into my bowl. I have to hand it to the M&S fresh (ish) stock which once again helped the rice and also the beanz reach their potential yummy-ness despite the créme debacle. The radishes made their farewell appearance for this week in the salad bowl with Apetina playing a blinding set as their support act.

SHE SAYS: What can I say, I've seem to have hit on the recipe for magic bnz. Addition of even more fresh coriander than usual - two big handfuls, with stems, roughly chopped - may have turned up the mmm volume even higher this time. The creme fraiche was gilding the lily, we only tried it b/c it was left over from the risotto. Salad was salty and cool, with good satisfying crunch from the remaining radishes. I think salad is as filling as bread, as part of a meal, even when it's not spiked with cheese and olives...

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