Monday, 2 June 2008

02.06.08: Lemon chicken nite, all right

It's baaack: She cooked up some lemony roasty chicken and potato and green bean goodness to repair the some of damages of the day's living, as she said.

HE SAYS: I do like a little tart now and again - lemon chicken variety, of course. The breast was tender and juicy...I'll stop trying to make any more sexual innuendos
now. This version of our classic was just what I wanted: sour, olive-oily, roasty and delicious. I skipped the salad, will have to wait for tomorrow's review to get the scoop, but it looked nice.

SHE SAYS: It was a winner, once we stuck it all back in the oven for 15 minutes to cook the chicken properly! I always thought this recipe was a little overlong, but apparently it isn't. Good jamminess from the lemons, and good crisp-to-fluff ratio on the spuds. Didn't have room for salad, so it will be making a special encore appearance tomorrow nite.

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