Wednesday, 18 June 2008

18.06.08: Lemon chicken nite

While She was out, He did the lemon chicken and rustled up a salad complete with radish, leftover halloumi panfried, avo, and physalis.

HE SAYS: Probably the most satisfying of our regular meals, this one keeps us coming back for more. Maybe it's the jammy lemons or the the roasty-toasty 'tators? Whatever it is, it adds up to a one delish of a dish. The salad was a halloumi fest with lots of squeaky noises emanating from every bite, what's not to like?

SHE SAYS: Very tasty with nice crisp skin and tender chicken, but not so jammy on the lemons or crips on the taters (though, being jersey royals, they had plenty of deeply potatoey flavour). Salad leaves were a little past sell-by, but I found enough good bits to hold the whole thing together, despite what He says. Halloumi was a little overdone, echoing last nite's theme of 'a bit tough'.

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