Wednesday, 4 June 2008

04.06.08: Veggie pasta with fresh sauce

A second outing for the spelt pasta: She grilled some baby courgettes, sauteed an onion and portobello mushrooms, got saucy with the fresh tomatoes, splashed in some red wine, sprinkled in the garlic and capers, shaved some Parmesan over the whole dealio and called it dinner. Lest we forget: Sweetfire beetroot, avo and leafy salad pulled up to the plate, too.

HE SAYS: Mama Mia! Whatta nice-a pasta dish this was. The capers really made it zing and the courgettes added the fresh smokey element. I'm sure a dash or two of red wine didn't hurt either. Ate more then my fair share of the Sweetfire salad, she don't mind, she knows how much I crave the deep red chunks of goodness.

SHE SAYS: Decent enough, if not wow-inducing. Tomatoes are really good right now, so I think we'll keep experimenting with fresh sauce instead of automatically reaching for Lloyd. I'd get the spelt pasta again if we passed by the market. Now, do you know about the joys of the frozen tomato? One of mine was icy as it came out of the fridge, and I immediately learned two things: frozen tomatoes peel super-easily (the peel just slipped off when I tried to cut into it), and they are so very tasty! Think savoury tomato sorbet. This is going to be my blue-ribbon summer snack if it ever gets hot outside.

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