Wednesday, 25 June 2008

25.06.08: Peasant salad with hot salmon flakes

Gettin' fresh: She pulled together a peasant salad of boiled Maris Bard new potatoes, grilled sweet peppers, asparagus, radishes, soft-boiled egg, and Jersey Jewel tomatoes, then flaked over some hot-grain-mustard-coated smoked salmon. Nigella's wasabi-lime dressing took it all onto another plane...

SHE SAYS: Feasted me eyes as well as me tastebuds on this one. The dressing and salmon gave it just enough piquant qualities to keep my tongue a-tingle, while the soft egg made a subtle, velevty accompaniment for the
asparagus. I'll have to say it again - the MB new potats are exquisite simply boiled and put to fork, plain as you please. Did I almost forget the Jersey Jewels? Biting into one whole rewarded me with a burst of just-plucked tomato-stem tang. Well worth their non-sale price during a time when most tomatoes are half their usual price.

HE SAYS: This was a big salad...and a nice one too.
Who says salads are for wimps? I found this very satisfing with the protein element of the salmon and egg, and the tasty potatoes definitely filled me up just like a hungry man meal. Could do this salad thing for dinner again and maybe add some beetroot next time for good measure.

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