Tuesday, 1 July 2008

01.07.08: Black bnz

She put on the pinny, pulled out the pot, cooked up the beans, and served 'em up hot. Special guest star in the salad: green tiger stripe tomatoes from M&S, which have been MIA for some time now.

SHE SAYS: Well, I don't know quite what happened tonite, but even sfter the blending the bnz were kind of tastless! I kept sprinking in salt, then called in the cavalry: Chipotle Tabasco. [Suddenly while typing and glancing ruefully towards spice shelf, I realise that I put in paprika instead of my mystery smoky powder! So funny, I truly didn't catch on at the time and was completely mystified by the weak waving of the flavour flag by the coriander and cumin...] tiger tomatoes were not as good as I recall either. Still, with a littel doctorng here and there it was a satisfying if not stellar meal.

HE SAYS: Even though the taste quotient was not on par with most recent efforts this was still a fulfilling dish by anyone's standards. I suppose since we are spoilt by out of this world, to-die-for black beans, I cannot proclaim my luv for all things black and bean-like this time but am not put off for life. The black bnz will raise from the ashes and rule supreme next week I'm sure and since the salad was so terrific with both my fav ingredients, namely the oh so crunchy 'n peppery radishes and the oh so vinegary, sweet and citrusy beetroot, who cares?

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