Sunday, 6 July 2008

04.07.08: Curry nite

No cookin', good lookin': She dialled Sheesh Mahal and took a soothing little walk around the corner to pick up the spread: Channa Bhaji, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rezalla, and pilau rice. A quick cress-tomato-avocado salad and a dollop of Geeta's lime pickle filled out the plate.

HE SAYS: You can't beat the Sheesh for quality, a little bit more pricey then some around here but worth it. My CTM was fruity, not too sweet and had a plethora of large chunks of tender chicken. Channa Bhaji managed to satisfy my ongoing chickpea craving and with a dollop or two of the lime pickle I was set.

SHE SAYS: A can't miss delight for a Friday nite, with plenty of whole-spice goodness and creamy textures. The lamb was v tender and the sauce almost tart, a nice counterpoint to the sweet tikka masala. Shees does have the best chickpeas - smokey and velvety. Gotta love Geeta for her oustanding jammy lime-laden pickle, though I think the papaya flavour is in our future...

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