Sunday, 27 July 2008

27.07.08: Vindaloo, take two; and ung choi

Sunday staying simple: She freshened up the salad with another pear, heated up the leftover vindaloo, and steamed some ung choi greens with slices of ginger.

HE SAYS: I think this dish was a little nicer this time round, having a day to intensify did it good. The refreshed salad with extra pear excitement once again hit the right spot, under my boots and around ma toe. The greens were not the exciting event I'd hoped for: fresh, plain and healthy yes. Tasty, no...nil point.

SHE SAYS: Agree with Him, the vindaloo developed nicely in the fridge, only wish we'd had more sauce left. Star anise really came through in the rice, which was oh-so-nice. That ung choi, though, is nowhere near as delicately bitter and mmm-worthy as choi sum - won't be picking the 'pitcher vegetable' up on a whim from the Asian store again.

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