Thursday, 24 July 2008

22.07.08: Nigella's Chickpea special with strawberry salad

She deftly turned round this weekly fave (with added boiled egg and the last of the harrisa) quick- smart, and put together the strawberry salad which tried to edge in on the taste bud action.

This serving scores high on the flav o' meter. Nish and creamy and smooth chickpeas and the harissa added an intense and aromatic overtone to the bowl. The strawberries in the salad were sweet, not too overly ripe but a little crunchy and combined with balsamic vinegar closed the show with a bang.

SHE SAYS: I've been having good luck with the soft boiling of eggs recently - this one was a really good mix of firm white bit and tender yolk. So sad to spoon up the last of the latest harissa batch, because I've come to rely on the garlic-chili-minty kick, and I'm a little pressed for time and patience right now (= not making more v. soon). Good salty, moist and velvety things going on with the chickpeas, and the plain-name British strawberries added both intense perfume and sweet flavour to round it all off.

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