Wednesday, 30 July 2008

30.07.08: Black bnz

He rolled up his sleeves and tackled the black bnz once again, this time with rice, plus an extra portion of bnz and proportional increases in spices and herbs. Strawberry, beetroot and mango salad stood jealous guard nearby.

SHE SAYS: This week's beany episode had more kick and plenty of flav, with good creamy consistency holding steady. The salad, though front-loaded with fruit, escaped being overly sweet with the vegetable-y beetroot and peppery watercress keeping order.

Since I increased the bean quotient I also increased the herbs to good effect, can you have too much cilantro? Answer: No, fool! As She says, the bnz were more spicy this go-round and needed no extra hot sauce (although I couldn't resist sprinkling over just a little anyway). The salad was another sweet red affair with some mango thrown in for a more orange hue and good measure. The balsamic vinegar came out the cupboard and poured itself after spying the strawberries lying there undressed.

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