Saturday, 26 July 2008

25.07.08: Out to BBQ at worky funday

He and She met on the field of battle, I mean softball, along with Her work colleagues and drank lots of Corona while inviting mild sunburn. Then, finally, at 6:00 they fed Us. He had the heapin' helpin' you see above, while She had the only slightly less heapin' one below.

All in all, We downed lamb and veg skewers; tuna prawn and lemon skewers; spicy sausages (with and without bun); a burger; a sort of Waldorf salad with apples, celery, romaine, and lots of mayo; grilled veg; avo-moz-tomato salad; various forms of white bread; and chicken skewers (not shown).

SHE SAYS: Enjoyed the range of salads and should have had another sausage - it was orangey-red and reminiscent of spicy smoked sausage from home. Bread was bread, except an oddly herbed one that was chewy and ammonia-flavoured. The tuna and prawn skewers were v. v. good - I feared the tuna would be overcooked but it was perfect, and the grilled lemons made a nice accompaniment. Should have piled another one on the plate instead of a truly disgusting chicken kebab - it was pasty in texture and icky in faux-mediterranean flavour.

HE SAYS: It was a pleasure to take part in Meat Fest, haven't had a burger for a while and it tasted good. The sausage? Ditto, it was spicy, not too fatty and burnt to perfection - just the way I like 'em. The salads were okay but too mayonnaisey for me; still, enjoyed the giant pieces of avo, it's just a shame there was no beetroot to be found. The lamb kebab was standard pub bbq fare but I ate it and went back for seconds nonetheless.

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