Thursday, 17 July 2008

17.07.08: Frittata and snap peas

Trying to sort out what to do with some leftover Jersey royal potatoes that would be easy-peasy before a weekend away, she hit upon the fritatta solution, which also used up a leftover roast pepper, some basil, and a couple of grated Li'l Moos cheese stix. Steamed snap peas plus salad leftover from last nite (freshened with some spinach, physalis, and half an avo) rounded out the pre-jaunt plate.

SHE SAYS: Good enough filler for the nite before a holiday break. Not the tastiest frittata ever - that happens with manchego cheese, methinks - but not bad. Too full to sample the salad, but the snap peas were crisp and juicy.

HE SAYS: Look, up in
the sky, Is it an omelet, is it a quiche? No it's not a bad frittata. I agree with Her that manchego cheese would've improved it, a few more roasted peppers wouldn't've gone amiss either, but you do what you can with whatcha got. Salad was good but greatness it wasn't, the leaves were on their last legs, they tried their best to impress, could've done with less, I have to confess.

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