Monday, 14 July 2008

14.07.08: Milanese risotto with strawberry salad

Monday means it's time for the world's easiest risotto, with peas, mushrooms, and ho-made pesto (made previously). None of this stand-over-and-stir bidness, you pile it all in the pot and boil it down. Recipe on offer if you ask!

HE SAYS: Although simple to make, this dish is everything but simple in taste. The variety of 'shrooms and the wine all help to give it a complex and
luscious range o' flav-a-flavs. I could've eaten more if not for holding back a portion for lunch tomorrow (which will be even more intense in the flavour department after having time to brew). The strawberry salad waz good but then you add the balsamic vinegar and, wow, it goes off the taste chart entirely.

SHE SAYS: I think I added a tad too much white wine (at His urging) as had more tang than I would have liked. No matter, it was still a winner with a soft but not gloopy grain and an excellent competition between the basil and parmesan for flavour kingship. The modestly named English strawberries can compete with their Jubilee cousins any day, and carried off the balsamic drizzle ever so sweetly.

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