Sunday, 6 July 2008

06.07.08: Magic lentils, coleslaw and asparagus

She took it fairly easy with the ever-reliable magic lentils plus last nite's coleslaw topped with grilled asparagus.

HE SAYS: These lentils I likey a lot, so much taste, so little washing up. Coleslaw was good second time round and the asparagus added a surprisingly simple and inspired element to the plate. Thumbs up, forks down.

SHE SAYS: The coconut dal never disappoints - this batch was creamy and satisfying, with just the right smidge of bitterness from the curry powder, plus a refreshing ginger kick. Man, raw cabbage sure is filling! I wouldn't say the coleslaw got noticeably better overnight, but it didn't suffer. I happened upon the little pack of asparagus in the fridge and didn't want to waste it, so a quick heat-bath under the grill with swabbings of olive oil and salt 'n' pepper brought out its sweet, starchy quality.

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