Monday, 28 July 2008

28.07.08: Smoked haddock and cannellini bnz

He got all adventurous, canoodling with Nigella on a new cannellini bean recipe - new to Us, anyway. Smoked haddock (in place of cod), the bnz, some celery, white wine, parsely and bay leaves combined with our usual wild, brown basmati, and red carmargue rice mix for an easy, unusual Monday nite meal. A vivid salad of vine tomatoes, radishes, mini-moz balls, and watercress-n-spinach leaves struck a fresh note for the nite.

SHE SAYS: Very pleased to discover another economical, not-so-fussy weekday filler. The smoke flavour was demure and filtered thru the creamy beans nicely. I'm glad he left the celery bits in - always good to have some veggie contrast, in flavour and texture. The rice was nutty and just what was needed. My only minor suggestion would be a touch of lemon - some zest or tiny bit of the preserved variety
. Mini-moz was a treat, and the tomatoes were in tip-top condition, all green and viney-tasting.

HE SAYS: A quick, easy and a pretty tasty one for Monday. I went ahead and added a little more white wine then suggested, I think it needed it. The cannellini bnz were indeed as She says: creamy and a nice diversion from our regular legumes. The salad was thrown together quickly but it seemed to have landed in a rather an appetising fashion with the little balls of moz fighting most for my attention.

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