Thursday, 24 July 2008

23.07.08: Lemon chicken with moz and pear

He put together the lemon chicken dish with a mozzarella, pear and avocado salad gussied up in wasabi and lime dressing.

SHE SAYS: Really jammy on the lemons tonite, I've been missing that element. Tried to cut in a bit of lemon with every bite! Exceptionally garlicky roasty green beans, and in this dish, the more the grn bnz feel the heat, the better. Typical nods of approval to the chicken and potatoes as well. Enjoyed the wasabi whoosh of the dressing - a kicky partner for pear - but felt it overwhelmed the shy moz, leaving it only texture, not taste, to wow with.

HE SAYS: I par-boiled the potatoes a little longer then I intended but they still came out pretty crunchy and not the mush I was half expecting. Chicken was done perfectly, not too dry and crispy skinolá to boot. The lemons were jammin' but I could have done with a little extra lemony-oil to spoon over the top of the chix - still, I'd rather have less then it be a sea of grease. The salad was quite the extravaganza, what with the mozzarella cheese anf the lovely pear paring, I couldn't complain so didn't.

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