Tuesday, 22 July 2008

21.07.08: Very plane food

British Airways handed out a mysterious package of 'cheese ploughmans' that also said 'soft cheese'. These things don't mesh - ploughman's is always cheddar. Turned out, you get half and half: one side was mature cheddar and pickle, and one featured peppery cream cheese with lettuce and tomato. A chocolate-covered bikky and some UHT milk for tea stood by.

SHE SAYS: Thoroughly confused, I bit into my soft cheese slice and immediately forgot to care what it was supposed to be. The cream cheese was herby and soothing, while the bit of lettuce tucked in was surprisingly fresh, crisp and moist. The tomatoes stood up well, too - not mushy at all.

Then, I was disappointed to find the other slice was cheddar - it was ok, nothing wrong, but I preferred the more refreshing mix of slice 1. Bikky bar was abominable: a dusty, tasteless biscuit not helped out by insipid waxy choc. Only repeated dunks in a decent cuppa made it worth swallowing.

HE SAYS: Was expecting a little more then this but I was so hungry I ate it without a thought of what it was and how it tasted and thus this short review concludes, burp!

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