Wednesday, 2 July 2008

02.07.08: In and Out

While out at the White Horse Pub knitting group, She nibbled on smoked duck salad and swigged strawberry Früli...but as the salad was on the small side, she tucked into some Dorset Cereals 'tasty, toasty spelt, barley & oat flakes' with yoghurt back home.

Meanwhile, He heated up an M&S feast of lamb kebabs, red cabbage, and oriental noodle salad with a coriander-chili dressing.

HE SAYS: It's been a while since tucking into these lamb skewers and I hope it won't be too long before we meat again. Mixed with mint, coriander and garlic these deadly sharp needles of pleasure were a great addition to the rather eclectic plate. The red cabbage waz not in the same league as our homemade version but it was different enough in its taste intention (fruity and rather sweet compared to my tart and citrus like version) to raise a smile of approval. The Asian style noodle salad satisfied the fresh, tangy and spicy part of the show too.

SHE SAYS: My salad was super-delish: the duck slices were very tender, with delicate smoked flavour, the rocket was fresh and crisp, and the dressing was sweet-salty and light - but it all didn't quite a meal make. I have the cereal every single morning, and I still love it. It's one of the less sweet ones, with pumpkin seeds and roasted hazelnuts as well as some dried fruit. With some mildly savoury yoghurt it makes cereal-for-dinner almost a treat.

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