Tuesday, 29 January 2008

29.01.08: Slow-roast pork with gravy and veg

Sunday dinner on a Tuesday: In an adaptation of a Return of the Naked Chef recipe, He slow-cooked shoulder of pork with sliced peaches, lemon thyme, and stuffing, and served it up with a red-wine, garlic and green onion gravy reduced in the roasting pan. Sideshow: roast carrots, another appearance by the famous red cabbage (4 more to go!), and a salad of spinach, celery and grapes.

SHE SAYS: Oh. mah. gah. The roast was comfort food at its finest. I was not too proud to lap more gravy out of the pan after dinner was officially over. Red cabbage splendid as ever and roast carrots held up their end of things nicely. Salad did its job as virtuous palate cleanser. Meal o' the week, already!

HE SAYS: Mmmm! Turned out rather nice, considering my timings were a little off. As She said, the gravy was magnifique. The pork was juicy and the carrots, after cooking for what seemed like days, turned out nicely as well.

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