Monday, 14 January 2008

14.01.08: Fishcakes

Thought we'd try the Two Fishwives smoked haddock fishcakes again, after a long hiatus. The steamin'-hot red cabbage is from the same giant frozen batch as last week, and the steamed mangetout poses as a virtuous side veg.

HE SAYS: Fishcakes were blander than I recall from previous experience, had me reaching for the Crystal. Red cabbage continues to tingle the tastebuds. As for the snowpeas, they were nice and crunchy, but failed to deliver on taste. Mangetout = mangepoo (this time).

SHE SAYS: Now I know why we stopped getting these: sopping with potato mash and not enough fish, these never fry up crispy and firm like they should - they just fall apart in wet chunks. I remember them being smokier, at least, and these had little flavour. Mangetout was bo-ring, but would have been soothing next to a tastier main. Red cabbage saved the plate.

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